Arty types on the march.

Now, I’m generally not a fan of big public works, statues, things like that. Especially modern ones. I rate the Thing With The Ring on Laganside; I do not rate the newish 4th plinth statue in Trafalgar Square.

That aside, there are a few big statues aroundthe place that are impressive, if only because of the immense balls it would take to put them where they are. The Lady Liberty, for one, and the Cristo Redentor statue that totally dominates any picture of Rio.

Seems like Derry would like to submit an entry for inclusion on that list.

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Rio has Christ the Redeemer and New York has the Statue of Liberty, but Londonderry is now vying for world attention with plans for its own city landmark.

A gigantic monument of Saint Columba is being considered for the middle of the River Foyle.

We envisage there would be a viewing platform inside – around about the neck area or shoulder area,” he said.

“This would give a 360 degree viewpoint. There would be river taxis to take people from the Cityside, from the Guildhall, and city council offices over, and a bridge to the Waterside.”


And the cost? A mere £15 million. Of your money, and mine, I’d imagine, ‘cos I’ve yet to hear of something like this being privately funded…

It’s a grand idea, I think. But a viewing platform, in the middle of the Foyle? Sure what is there to see…

And what’s up with the freaky lights on the shoulders? It looks like a bad death/destruction/mayhem causing special effect from the 1980s…

3 thoughts on “Arty types on the march.

  1. I saw it on the BBC and it does look remarkably rubbish. I don’t know if it’s the cartoonish computer rendering, or if it’s just naff.

  2. Sandra: why limit yourself to either/or in that choice?

    SL: I was thinking more of some bloody daft childrens program I saw when I was but a young ‘un. It featured a walking statue of St Somebody-or-other. Scared the shit clean out of me, so it did.

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