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I got the year off to a good start; several O’Rourke’s fell by the wayside as I blitzed through them, including the new one. Which has convinced me that I have to have read The Wealth of Nations at some point. I just don’t want to have to read it to get there…

So I thought I’d continue with such weighty reading material for a wee while. And thusly I have just finished this major tome:

Now, there are a lot of really deep philosophical concepts* dealt with in the book, but he covers these by using stupidly large fonts and swearing a lot.

IN fact, the book is a bit like the show: name drops a lot, rants a good bit, runs off topic for ages, and yet still manages to be bloody funny.

I’d recommend it; if you like the show, you’ll like the book. If you don’t like the show, I doubt you’d manage to get past the first ten pages without throwing it in the fire.

Chris Moyle: like him or love him, he is The Saviour of Radio 1. And he rawks.

* – Such as “The pertness of Carrie’s breasts” and “Why Aled would be considered a perv if he was straight”

5 thoughts on “More intellectual reading stuff

  1. Yesah, that threw me. I stopped right there, and it was only when I went to look at the purdy pictures that I noticed that there was other writing, behind the THE END.


  2. There’s a guy that I know own a few fashion shops in Bangor and N’ards is, I think, Chris Moyles double. If I find a pic of him online I’ll post the link.

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