Things I never expected to be doing, Part 17

Some days ago, I was given a bit of a heads up by an unnamed person that I may be in the sights of a radio producer. Actually, he told me that he had touted on me, and that I may be about to be contacted by said producer.

I immediately felt that lovely feeling: doubt. As in, I doubt he’ll be calling on me to do anything, sure there are much better (and bigger) bloggers out there to represent Norn Iron.

Which why why I didn’t exactly expect to be where I was this afternoon.

BBC Norn Iron

Apparently there’s a show going out towards the end of March about Norn Iron blawgs. For which some 35 minutes of my own verbal vomit was recorded. I full expect that that’ll be edited, of course, to feature just the good bits.

So it’ll be the shortest radio appearance ever, consisting of the following:

Announcer: This is what wisdom Mr Hillan had to share:


And now we move onto bigger fish. Mr Fealty?

Oh, and two asides:

  • When I started this whole blogging lark, I didn’t expect to be getting the “Remember, your Uncle Hugo loves you” treatment, from the wee man himself, as he left the studio.
  • Was it a deliberate decision in said studio to have a choice of green or orange microphones for the guests?

7 thoughts on “Things I never expected to be doing, Part 17

  1. Sandra: cheers muchly. Now get back to destroying evidence tidying up.

    Nelly: He did, aye. Not that much outing was required, given that me name is all over the place.

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