Why can charity music be good, not just worthy?

I seem to be doing this a lot, but I should probably state early on that I am not against charidee; nor am I against Comic Relief; nor am I against the idea of a charidee single.

I just have serious problems with the quality of nearly all charidee singles. From that bloody Live8 one, to the Elton John mush, to everything by Westlife. They’re all absolutely shite*.

And, in keeping with that tradition, Girls Aloud and Sugababes have gone and butchered Walk this Way. It is, quite possibly, the worst noise to ever escape from a radio; it brought tears to my eyes. No, really, it did. I wept, because this bloody tripe will be bought by the bucketload by people who are keen on giving to charidee and young’uns who haven’t had a chance to appreciate the earlier versions. Hell, it’ll probably get to number one.

I dispair. I really do.

* – Of course, I do quite like ye olde Perfect Day charity single from Back In The Day, but that’s just the exception that proves the rule. IMO.

4 thoughts on “Why can charity music be good, not just worthy?

  1. Yeah, it is an awful song. But my GOD!! Have you seen the video?? Seriously, you would first go for Cheryl, but then who? My brain would melt.. after Cheryl – who would you do? Too. Many. Choices. COCK GOING TO EXPLODE…

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to the “Too Much Information” awards 2007. Now, you all know the nominees, so let’s head straight to the main event. This year’s winner of the “TMI” award is …. SWM!

    Furthermore, there are some crimes that even fitness cannot excuse, and this musical shite belongs on that list. Hell, they’re getting so bad I wouldn’t even touch ‘em with yours, Stephen.

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