Expect mass firings

Holy dawg-gonne shit, batman, there’s been a recent case of police forces deploying common sense. As policy, not as individual officers acting sensibly.

Three police forces in England are choosing not to issue fines to drivers who break new laws on child car seats.

A spokesman said: “Operation staff have taken a conscious decision to avoid fining the public for what is considered a minor infringement.

“We want people to concentrate on the more weighty things. It is about dangerous people, drink-drivers and drug-drivers. In general, patrol people have just been giving advice and it has been pretty well received.”

Ladies and gentlemen: a massive about bloody time, well done goes out to the forces of North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire on this issue. A moderately sized dose goes to Greater Manchester Police. A big you’re being tosspots goes to all other forces, who aren’t letting the fact that it’s a stupid, unnecessary and needlessly meddling law get in the way of issuing detections.

Of course, in this modern and wonderful world, common sense in the public sector is a big no-no, so I expect that the Home Office will be putting considerable pressure on the three forces mentioned. Can’t have people being offered advice when they should be getting prosecuted, the whole system would collapse…

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