Can’t be right…

Gordon Brown… lowering tax?

Gordon Brown, The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, will announce in his March 21 budget a lowered tax rate of two-three per cent for online gaming companies to be licensed in the UK, the Daily Telegraph reports.

This suggests one of three things:

  1. Gordon is beginning to realise that tax income can increase by encouraging growth by lowering taxes. It’s a beneficial cycle.
  2. Gordon is panicking that any and all gambling firms will just up and leave the UK, do all their business online and live in Gibraltar.
  3. Gordon is doing his best to change his image from the dour, spend-like-a-drunken-sailor, form loving tosspot that he is. Because he’s apparnetly going to try and become some for of leader.

Only two out of three may apply. And the odds suggest that numero uno is the rank outsider.

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