Interesting… but still poo

I’m still not happy about the SkyOne switchoff, and I’m still looking at the possibilities of switching it over to Sky+ and someone else, but a short discussion with Virgin has resulted in 20% off my monthly bill, a shed load more channels and a doubling of my broadband speed.

They must be really quite desperate to stop people shifting away. And being the shallow, mercenary type that I am, I’ll be more than happy to take advantage of that. They’ve bought themselves a little more time; if they can get the new VoD service up to any kind of standard in the near future, then maybe they’ll still have a customer at the end of it.

2 thoughts on “Interesting… but still poo

  1. Dude, bit torrent. If you had a mac watching your neatly downloaded movies on your nice TV would be a doodle, but it’s still pretty easy on a windows machine.

  2. The Virgin Central (or whatever it’s called) service sounds really interesting. If they can negotiate on demand/cable rights for shows like Lost, 24 and the Simpsons then there will be no need for SKY ONE anyway.

    Especially if they can come up with a fixed fee for watching as much as you like instead of pay per play.

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