Boo hiss to the collaboration

Seeing as how I’m not from Manchester, it follows that I should be a fan of Man United. Which is why I’m less than impressed to see this sort of behaviour.

Basicially, Man U is taking on a EU selected XI. While I like the overall concept (Man U v the EU), I dislike the reason they’re playing.

The match marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and United’s 50 years in European competitions.

Ah yes, the Treaty of Rome. Which the UK didn’t sign at the time, seeing as how they didn’t join until sixteen years after the date being celebrated. So surely it should be one of the founder members that should be the opposition team?

Anyway. Because of this anniversary, there has been a lot of nonsense talked about how the EU is the bestest thing ever. Do you use olive oil in your cooking? Apparently the EU made that possible (their contribution towards soy sauce is unreported). Did you cheap enjoy a flight to the south of France recently? Because the EU did that too (my cheapish flight to the US a few months ago must be a fluke). Did you work with a foriegner recently? Because the EU will claim credit for that as well (I’m sure my Lebanese and Egyptian co-workers will be happy to hear that, considering I work with more of them than EU citizens).

Of course, the EU has done a couple of half decent things, but they’re mainly things that could (and should) have been done by the old European Economic Community. You know, the thing that people thought they were joining when they joined. And economic community, based on reducing the barriers to international trade. Which would have been a Good Thing.

Instead, we’re left with a nonsensical political hybrid, unsure of its purpose. And in its uncertainty, it’s grabbing any purpose it can. Hence its move from economic matters, through policy matters, through social engineering and currently into criminal matters1.

And to top it off, all of the things its involved in, it does hamfistedly. So not only is it power hungry, its also shockingly inept.

Which sould be a comfort: it’ll eventually collapse under its own bureaucratic stupidity. Except it’s quite likely that it’ll drag us all down with it…

1 – Sadly, this does not mean that those involved will face criminal charges. Instead, it means that they get to create laws. This cannot end well.

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