For those who don’t get Radio Ulster

Yer man Moyles yesterday made reference on one of the daytime shows to a little discussion he had on Radio Ulster. Wherein there was much swearing between the esteemed fat b’stard in the red corner (Stephen Nolan) and the auld wan off of stroke city (Gerry Anderson).

Said discussion was noteworthy mainly because of this little bit:

Moyles: See, this gentleman [Anderson] sounds like a very intelligent man.

Nolan: ‘Gentleman’?!?

Anderson: Thank you Chris. On the other hand, Stephen is an asshole.

I do so like the lack of a bleep button in the Foyle studios…

And after that, it just descends into bickering and a wage related pissing content. And t’was quite enjoyable, really.

The audio is here if you’re that curious. And it will be till next Tuesday, I assume. 3:20 in, if you’re really that interested.

2 thoughts on “For those who don’t get Radio Ulster

  1. If what?

    On Radio 1 today Moyles said that he felt the two presenters didn’t like each other, made a joke about it… and they promptly slagged each other off.


  2. I spent 15 minutes waiting, listening in my car for that historic moment when them lot met. I’m waiting to read the Stephen Nolan book next.
    Has he written it yet?

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