Five things

Oh bollocks. It appears that there’s been a nasty outbreak of tagging, and that I’ve been collateral damage. And that it would be polite if I took part.

“List 5 things that people don’t know about you.”

Oh dear. See, I’ve been quite open on this here blog, and therefore if there is anything that you don’t know about me it’s probably because of one of the following reasons:

  • I’ve forgotten;
  • It isn’t really about me, but about someone else a little connected to me, and it would be impolite of me to drag them into the cesspit that is blogging.
  • I’m bloody embarrassed by whatever it is I’m not mentioning.

However, in the interest of world peace, and all that, I shall endeavour to do my best. So, five things:

  1. I was once responsible for a fully clothed man diving into a swimming pool. Well, I suppose if I hadn’t (in all my toddler stupidity) fallen in myself, my dad wouldn’t have had to come in after me…
  2. I am rubbish at crosswords. Not at getting the individual answers, mind, for generally I can. But I haven’t mastered the art of maintaining concentration on them long enough to complete them.
  3. Despite outward appearance, and the opinion of members of staff in primary school, I do not have ADD. I’m just easily distracted.
  4. I cannae sing. But I’d quite like to be able to.
  5. I was once entertained by Paul Clark‘s extensive knowledge of the Roman sewerage system. But then, being ten at the time, I was easily entertained.

So, there you are. Five things that a few of you didn’t know about me.

I’m not the tagging sort, but, in the interests of keeping the thing going, I think I’ll get CyberScribe again… If we play our cards right, we’ll be able to find out everything about the enigmatic Bog Standard Blogger…

‘course, the same trick wouldn’t work on me. Because I’m invoking the ancient law of the school yard:

JINX! No returns, no back comments!

Growing up is for the weak…

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