Does it count as a meme yet?

Probably not, but it does seem to be a recurring theme at the very least…

First a certain unnamed young doctor type did it, then a very well named Cully based person did it, and now I’m doing it.

Talking, of course, about changing jobs.

Yes, today I submitted my month’s notice from my current post, and I start a new one in four and a bit weeks. It’m a smaller organisation, with more of an IT/Training role than I have at the minute. And the pay is better. And I get Wednesday afternoons off.

Which is nice.

7 thoughts on “Does it count as a meme yet?

  1. Ta muchly, to youse all.

    Taoist: Not entirely, but joining a private-ish area of the NHS. Where there are such things as ‘accountability’ and ‘profit’ to be considered.

    Which is nice.

  2. Wednesday afternoon off? Are you going back to university?

    Scandelous. Shouldn’t be allowed. The gummint should Do Something. (What, I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.)

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