A small price to pay

I’ve long been of the opinion that Ireland, and the UK, would be better off outside the EU. And probably best off in something like the European Economic Area. Because you get access to the Free Market (for a fee), and you don’t get the nonsense political and social planning aspects.

It’s what Norway has, and Norwegians are pretty happy with it.

Plus, there would be a hell of a saving. Currently, the fee for Norway to be the the EEA is about £137m, or about £30 per person per year. Whereas it cost the UK something in the order of £33 per person in 2005 to be in the EU, and it’s only like that because of the old rebate, which is being reduced.

£3 per person per year doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s £180 million. And on top of that there would be the saveing on costs of compliance. And just think of all the blue paint and dye that would be saved if we didn’t have to put those bloody blue flags up on everything…

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