Aw, shit

A quote from this week’s Economist:

Bloggers, especially lefty ones, use swear-words the mainstream media shun.

Fuck-a-doodle-do. Does that mean that my fondness for sweary goodness is a symptom of a deep-seated leftism? Or is this one of the few occasions when the Economist is talking out of its well read arse?

Or should I just stop with the twatting swearing and grow the fuck up?

Yeah, that’s hugely likely…

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4 thoughts on “Aw, shit

  1. We are having a debate on the oul #cabal (maybe in your new job you can gain access to afore mentioned channel. Anyway – Mr. Wulf says that BSG is better than The Sopranos. I disagree. What says Ed?

  2. I dunno if #cabal would be an option; I have a sneaking feeling that the very same firewall will be in place. Boo hiss.

    So, Sopranos against Galactica… It’s comparing apples with anvils. Sopranos is without comparison within the fairly tight scope of its primary subject, whereas BSG is much more wide ranging in its subject matter. Plus BSG has more fit wimmen, more explosions and is more quotable.

    I don’t think I could say that one is better than the other, any more than I could say that Top Gear is better than one of them. They’re just too different to be fairly compared.

    And yes, this fence is mighty comfortable.

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