Some bastard is lying

Yesterday, I pointed out that, in my opinion, the budget was a crock of shit; at best revenue neutral, but far more likely to raise the take from tax. Thusly, it’s not a tax-cutting budget. Hell, even the BBC noticed that some of the most important figures were fudged, and that Brown was clearly guilty of misselling it.

Not that you’d notice it from looking at the front pages of the red tops; the Mirror (wot I read) was pretty much nothing more than a propaganda pamphley for Brown, with such lovely stories as EVERYBODY WINS and POOR FOLK NOW RICH.

And to annoy me a little more, the Mirror’s political pundit, Kevin Maguire was on 5live last night, praising the budget to high heaven, and urging the silent majority to text in to redress the poor poll result in the text vote. Which, by the time I stopped listening, was at around 90% of texters feeling shafted by the budget.

Of course, if certain blogs are to be believed, young Mr Maguire is after a spin doctor position within a Brownite government. So it’s hardly unexpected that he’d be spouting such transparent shite.

So, that’s the Treasury, the initial BBC coverage, the red tops, and quite a few others that have been spinning the facts in favour of Brown, or at the very least fell for his spin. Surely there’s something wrong with this picture…

One thought on “Some bastard is lying

  1. spot on there old boy. This morning’s Times also towing the party line with a front page headline “The Twopenny budget” and barely a mention of the clawback of the 2% basic rate cut via other measures.

    The Chancellator has got us all sussed.

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