Different scale, same idea

If a security guard helpfully and deliberately informed a criminal exactly when he was due to finish his shift, and that the store would be unguarded thereafter, said security guard could be considered complicit in any robbery committed by the criminal at that time.

If a Secret Service manager made a point of letting an assassin know when the entire Secret Service was on break, they could be charged with treason.

So why is the Senate crowing about doing exactly the same thing, but on a much larger scale.

Giving the enemy – any enemy – a specific time for when you will cut and run is, quite possibly, the worst idea that anyone could ever come up with. And that’s against some pretty strong competition.

One thought on “Different scale, same idea

  1. Weeeeeeell, when you look at it like this….initially they were welcomed with open arms but then they outstayed their welcome. Remind you of anywhere?
    I do agree that giving any useful info to an enemy is foolish though.

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