Reluctant as I am to agree with a LibDem

Yes, that stopped clock is right. Again.

In this instance, it is Mark Williams, a Lib Dem MP from Wales who has a little bit of common sense to add.

‘Baa’ humbug to EU
A European Union proposal for an electronic identity system for sheep has been rejected by Welsh MP Mark Williams. ‘We already have a robust system of identifying a species. If it’s woolly and goes “baa”, it’s a sheep,’ he said in a parliamentary question.

And it’s in the Guardian (Well, the Observer really, but that’s just because of a date-of-publication thingy). Common sense, from the Guardian, and a LibDem? On the same day?

The End Times may well be upon us, folks. Be warned.

One thought on “Reluctant as I am to agree with a LibDem

  1. sure signs of the apocolypse:
    politicians being sensible.
    those metal canteen teapots not dripping evrywhere
    vending machine coffee actually tasting like coffee

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