Nightmare senarios

I am not a fan of boybands. Nor am I generally a fan of the crowds. Which is why I was not terribly impressed with tonights shift.

On the plus side, the club next door went and got a cleaner to clean their sprinkler system. The resulting flood provided much merriment. Yes, I am easily entertained. And wha’?

7 thoughts on “Nightmare senarios

  1. Well, if you’re looking that closely, then surely the word ‘band’ would be inappropriate. Mime-artists would probably fit better.

  2. So decidedly not impressed then?

    What is the typical WL fan like these days? When I worked in Spide City there was a type of sad-sack, self-harming, eating disordered type liked them. And they were the smart ones.

    Their other typical fan had an average IQ similar to her bra size. And we’re not talking European sizing here.

  3. You couldn’t pay me to listen to that racket. Did you noise cancelling have earplugs in?

    Vicious comment Nelly, I agree wholeheartedly.
    Never the cleverest liking that tripe.

  4. Nelly, the worst ones were the families; three generations of mindless drones all in attendance, with the granny being the worst. I’m getting nauseous just remembering.

    ‘course, there were also a load of fellas out. And you could see in each of their faces exactly how many brownie points they a) they though they would be getting and b) they thought they should be getting. By my estimation, they figured on b=2a.

    MFG: must be the homebrewing going to your head…

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