It certainly makes things easier

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the world’s best at change; nor am I the best at the old first-day-in-new-job thang.

I’ll tell you what, though, today went significantly better than expectations. Sure, there were dozens of names thrown at me that I have no hope in hell of remembering. Sure, I don’t yet have a desk, let alone a computer. Sure, some of the complexities are a little confusing.

But, but, there was free food, and good food at that. Sushi and things; apparently this is the benefit of reps wanting to sell shit. And the people seem grand; the first conversation I walked into was basically all about reassembling the collective memory of Saturday night from the pictures on phones and the ‘where the hell are you’ texts; this is something I’ve been doing since 2002, dammit*. And the commute only took 20 minutes, which was about half what I feared it would be.

So, ’tis good so far. This could change after my first full day, of course, but I’ll stick with the good so far.

* – Back with one of the firstest camera phones on the market; the first night being reassembled in this fashion involved much Vodka/RedBull and pistures of police cars. Not me being inside them. I don’t think, anyway…

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