Well, that was nice

I’ve never gotten into mySpace; it always seemed to fussy for my tastes. And bebo just seemed to be full of ‘lol’ers, which ain’t my scene at all.

Unfortunately, Facebook is neither fussy nor populated mainly by gibbering idiots. Which is why I’ve logged in more than once.

And it was through the medium of Facebook that I became aware of the fact that, at that particular point in time, ye olde University of Warwick was in the quarter finals of University Challenge.

And this was watched. And Warwick progressed to the semi-finals.

And this was watched. And Warwick then progressed to the Grand Final.

And last night, this was won.

So Warwick are now the reigning champions of University Challenge.

Which is nice.

And, in a disturbing insight into the sickness that is my mind, I can kind of see the point to this sort of thing. Which is odd.

5 thoughts on “Well, that was nice

  1. Oh, shit, we DID?

    It’ll be years before the Union manages to get over themselves.

    Although, I have to say: intelligent women: HOT.

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