Time for another verdict

Last evening, I saw Sunshine, and I have to say that it left me quite unmoved. The story was a bit erratic, the acting wasn’t great, the plot was all over the show. Hell, the character of the film was all over the show. But it was entertaining, and some of the visuals were stunning. If it wasn’t a Danny Boyle film, I’d have said it was alright, but measured by his standards, it was pretty damn weak.

On the plus side, there were four trailers in a row that look mighty fine. And, in ascending order of interest, they were:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; the first was great, the second was a tad disappointing, but I’m quite looking forward to the third. May there be much cannon firing, buckling of swash, and plenty of Ms Knightly. Yes, I am easy pleased.
  • Spiderman 3, which should be good for wasting an hour or two. Again, I preferred the first to the second, but the background to 3 seems to be much more interesting than 2 anyway.
  • Transformers, which should (hopefully) transport me back to the grand old days of childhood, where Transformers rocked.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum. I cannot emphasise enough how much I have enjoyed this franchise thus far. The perfect blend of suspense and action; hell, it’s even been enough to transform my opinion of yer man Damon. Of course, it’s not going to follow the book too much, but then I think that the books have been vastly improved upon in the first two films, so that could very well be a good thing.

So that’s two films in May that I’m quite looking forward to, one in June that I’m very interested in, and one in August that counts as a must see.

Thus, this summer’s blockbuster schedule is, approximately, 127% better than most years. And it meets with my approval.

4 thoughts on “Time for another verdict

  1. Sunshine was rubbish, pretty but rubbish; however the chicken tikka korma was quite nice and the hour spent wandering about laughing at the spides was entertaining.

  2. Stephen, that last bit is 20% of why I can still be bothered turning up to work.

    FB, you’re wile easy led, so you are.

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