Lowest Common Denominator

You’d probably not guess it to look at me, but I used to be a big fan of Blue Peter. Time, therapy and the support of my family got me over this dangerous period in my life, and to the point where I can now admit that it was a problem. A problem which I think is all traceable to the Lifeboat appeal (for lifeboats are cool) and the home-made Tracy Island.

Of course, back in those days, you had good, clean living presenters like Caron Keating, Yvette Fielding, Diane-Louise Jordan, and those we thought were clean living (John Leslie, call your office). You certainly wouldn’t have caught any of them behaving on camera like young Zöe.

Which is probably a good thing; it may have been a better programme, but it would have been much harder to kick the habit.

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