Technical woes

I’ve spent a little bit of time today upgrading to the latest version of wordpress. Boring technical reasons behind it, but there are also a couple of interesting new things that 2.1.3 has that 2.0 didn’t. Like a spell checker, for one.

What I didn’t know, or expect, was that there would be several dozen themes bundled in with the new version. Which sounds like a nice thing, really, allows people to change their site with little or no effort. Unfortunately, I have a theme switching plugin installed, which allows me to have all my themes available to switch in between. Because I get bored easily. With the new massive amounts of themes available, there are now issues.

Long story short: not all of the themes have an easy way of allowing you to switch away from them. If you find yourself stuck on a theme, there’s now a link on the sidebar to the generic Default Theme, which has the full list on it.

For the geeky among you, there’s now a rather nice command line interface blog. Stupid but fun, methinks.

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