I think he’s going to spoil it

I’m quite looking forward to the film of Stardust. The book was good, and from what I’d heard Neil Gaiman is happy with it; if it meets with his approval, then it should be mighty good. And, for the most part, the cast looks good.

I’ve had one minor concern all along, though, and the trailer has done nothing to put my mind at ease.

That one concern can best be summed up with a single image:

off of teh web somewhere

Yes, it’s that twat Gervais. He was OK on The 11 O’Clock Show, but since then he’s been much more annoying than anything else. And now I suspect that he’ll be gurning his way through this and ruining my enjoyment of it.

‘course, the lovely Ms Danes will probably go some way to making up for it, but that’s as maybe…

One thought on “I think he’s going to spoil it

  1. He was better on the radio (XFM), but was still like a drunk in the corner of a pub and always fonder of his jokes than anyone else.

    I AM the drunk in the corner of the pub etc etc, but I don’t get paid like he does and, hence, have an excuse for such behaviour…

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