I agree

Kav hits the nail on the head:

Attention: Bloggers who truncate their feeds

It’s annoying. Don’t do it. It doesn’t attract me to your blog, it just pisses me off. I’ve got time to scroll down through my feed reader, but (usually) I do not have time to click over to your site. I know you probably think truncating your post is a good incentive to attract readers to your site and increase hits, but I’m busy, so it doesn’t work. It just irks me slightly and then I skip on to the next post, and, sadly, yours goes unread.

Recently I’ve been reading most blogs through Google Reader, and there’s very little that pisses me off as much as people truncating their posts. I can see why some do it (Guido, being a mercenary sort, would be expected to want as many clicks as possible to charge higher ad rates), but for the majority there isn’t anything to be gained by it.

Unless your aim is to annoy your readers. Which seems self defeating in the long run.

Anyway, why just annoy your readers when you can go all out and insult them. by calling them French, for example.

4 thoughts on “I agree

  1. Hey, I’m not saying that being a mercenary sort is a bad thing. Just that I’m a bit tight-fisted and like moaning.

  2. I’d not even thought to check that on D4D™ (Well, I never read my own site through RSS, so why would I?) but having checked, I can plead “Not guilty”, for once. :)

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