Sometimes things start with an innocent suggestion…

You don’t subscribe to xkcd? For shame. Stick it in your favourite aggregator now.

And they end days later with the promise of much hilarity to come in future.

Which means that I have to read the comic on a regular basis from now on. This will kill upwards of an hour per year. And added to the other feeds I must read, tv shows I must watch, books I must read, pints I must drink and hours I must spend stuck in traffic, that means I’m down to fifteen minutes in the year where I can scratch my arse.

And that arse needs scratching, what with all the ROFLMAO!!!1!! that’s been going on after reading such greats as these.

So, as already mentioned: DAMN YOU, KERR!

2 thoughts on “DAMN YOU, KERR!

  1. Be sure to read the pithy comment he puts in the image mouseover and RSS description – they add to the joke and a lot of folks miss them.

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