A man could get in trouble for that sort of thing

For the obvious reasons1, I’m quite interested in the massive emergency exercise that they’re planning here this weekend.

lifted from news.bbc.co.uk

Apparently the plan is to have a flight from minor Airport 1 to minor Airport 2 declare an emergency and crash as slightly-less-minor Airport 3. With a cast of thousands, five hospitals, three airports and lots of shiny equipment that won’t be used except for such large events. Should be interesting.

And not least because of the makeup of some of that cast…

Three airports, five hospitals and role-playing student nurses will also take part in the drill.

There are so many comments that could (and should) be made there. But, given the current climate perhaps they would be best held back. Until the sharp knives have been put down, at least.

1 – Geekish tendencies, fondness of explosions and a liking for techno-thrillers, since you ask.

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