It’s a conspiracy, I tells you

Some of you (probably not too many; I’ve not been going on about it) may be aware that I’m currently driving a small, fast courtesy car. And I’d predicted a lot of fun with it, because I’m that sort of fool that is easily amused.

However, clearly the Roads Service and NI Water are out to minimise my fun. Because not only are the Roads Service using a contraflow on the stretch of motorway I use most1, they’ve also closed to of the more fun driving roads I would use on my way from the big city to the home village. Thus, I thought, unfairly depriving me of much enjoyment.

Of course, since the alternative route makes use of a significant part of the Dundrod circuit, I probably shouldn’t complain too loudly…

1 – This is a more general problem; motorway speeds are motorway speeds no matter what you’re driving. But I dislike contraflows, especially when they’re there to put in *spit* bus lanes *spit*. But I digress.

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