Oops, dey dun it again

Not content with already being the most trusted public figures, the judges of the country are busy doing their damnest to get things done right with MiniJu.

See, for some reason, they’re concerned that putting the judge, jury and executioner all in the same department may not be the wisest course of action, especially when recent governments (back as far as I can remember) have so little regard for the judge/jury bit and are much more fond of the executioner bit. Because, y’see, careful deliberation of the facts and consideration of due process do not sound good to either the mob or the press, whereas the clunk of a prison door is always comforting. So judges are worried, and with reason, that funding and attention will be shifted from their area and into the punishment side of things.

Oh, and they’re also a tad concerned about the constitutional foundation upon which the system is based. But this government doesn’t have a long history of caring too much about such things, so that won’t get anywhere near as much attention…

Anyway: well done to the aged, out of touch folk in silly wigs. For having the balls to stand up and say: “Sorry, but this is silly and I’ll be having no part of it. Go back and do it properly, please”.

It’s really a breath of fresh air. Albeit tinged with l’eau de old folk

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