Screw you, hippy

Does the day end in y, do you think?

Oh, it does. That must mean another farking stupid idea coming from Whitehall then.

Wait for it, wait for it…

Yup, here it is.

People who fail to recycle household rubbish could have to pay more than those who do, under plans to cut waste.

Environment Secretary David Miliband wants English councils to be able to bring in charges – and to give cash “rewards” for those who recycle.

Now, how do you think this would be funded and enforced? My guess is that the funding comes from setting unattainable targets and making nearly everyone pay more, but I’m a cynical sort. And the only way that this sort of thing could be enforced would be by tagging each and every bin in the land.

Bad ideas all round, really. Clearly, government is not content to keep a track of us, of where we drive, of what we buy, of who we choose to associate with, of who we phone, of what internet sites we visit, of what services we use, etc, etc, they’re now really keen on seeing how much we throw out and what sort of rubbish it is.

What’s next, meters on the sewage system? “Mr Hillan, you contributed more than the state-mandated level of crap this week, pay up!” Hang on, I didn’t say that, I don’t want to go giving anyone any ideas…

As you may have assumed, I’m not keen on the state being able to easily tag everything I do. Which is why I suspect that I may find this post quite useful in the not-too-distant future…

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