I told you

Over the last several years, I’ve been saying that, since the nannies have now won the fight against the evils of cigarette smoke, they’d be turning their attention towards drink. First off, there’d be voluntary warning labels; then there’d be mandatory warning labels.

Check, check.

Then there be specific advise against certain groups using alcohol in anything more than tiny amounts, which would then change to at all.

Er, check.

So, what do you think will be next? Tax hikes, obviously, because that’s what Gordon loves and understands… But I also think there’ll be more high profile propaganda, more tax money spent on educating us evil alcohol drinkers that we’re oh-so-very-wrong. Another study or three pointing out the effects that alcohol has on those who aren’t drinking alcohol (’tis only a shame that there’s no such thing as passive drinking to grab attention). Then there’ll happen to be a few high profile cases where people sue brewers, publicans and the like because little johnny was overcome by the evil advertising and thought it was sensible to drink a slab of Stella and then try juggling knives. So advertising drink will suddenly be banned…

By which point, of course, the trails with smoking diverge. Because it’s not practical to grow your own tobacco, really. But home brewing, on the other hand…

(and thank god for it, sez I. But then I would. Now where’d I leave that beer…)

7 thoughts on “I told you

  1. Were it properly distilled with a bit of extra molasses it would be delicious. But despite our best efforts we couldn’t gather up enough to make it worth our while… but if we knew somebody who drank a lot of beer?

  2. Surely some arrangement could be made with the local drinking establishments? Take their piss away and sell it back to them, sort of thing.

  3. Have you ever been in any of our locals? Spide piss. or spiddle, as it is known in the trade, is not recommended. Too many E numbers in it…or something.

  4. E numbers. Yeah. That’s what you mean, honest…

    And anyway, that would open up the export market. I see great demand for such a product in Amsterdam, for example.

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