More things that do concern me

I was in work slightly earlier than usual this morning, and thusly my brain was running slightly slower than would normally be the case. Which is why I didn’t notice until I got out of the car that the Transit parked in front of me had some blue lights behind the grill.

Interesting, sez I, why would there be a low key police presence at this particular place, at this particular time?

Then I noticed that ‘low key’ was the wrong description, for behind the red Transit were four Land Rovers, with many boilersuited fellows, many guns and multiple dogs gathered around. So obviously, I stopped gawping at the scene, and went into the office from where more subtle (and comfortable) gawping could be done.

They were there about two hours. And then there was a steady stream of vehicles with blue lights on and sirens going throughout the day.

And yet, nothing on t’news, or even on t’grapevine. Which concerns me.

So, my question is this: what are the black helicopters covering up, eh?

For the sake of this exercise we will ignore the likelihood that it was naught but a drugs raid, and we’ll pretend that there would be no need for the sirens to be visiting the nearly fire station, police station or major hospital. Because those would be boring explanations that I’m just not interested in.

3 thoughts on “More things that do concern me

  1. They were foiling an attempt by evil bloggers to take over the world by dusting keyboards with an addictive substance that prevents you leaving your keyboard for more than ten minutes. This dangerous ring of net terrorists were based near your office and may in fact be responsible for your prolific blogging.

  2. I doubt it; given the technical know-how of the PSNI I doubt they’ve even heard of keyboards, let alone the ‘net.

  3. News? Sure they have people who decide what is “newsworthy” ie what to tell the plebs. Being a pleb, I know this.
    It could have been something really interesting indeed.
    We will probably never know.

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