You could tell it was a LibDem idea

I have thought long and hard about it, and have come to a simple and subtle solution that should resolve many issues with the European Parliament.

Basicially, any MEP who comes up with nonsense like this is to be taken out the back of the parliament and beaten with big fuck-off planks with nails in them. This beating will be telecast into the parliament chamber, and will carry a message at the end along the lines of “So, anyone else got any bright ideas?” in all the languages of the union. I suspect a reduction in stupid ideas would happen quite quickly.

It was nice of Mr Davies to volunteer to be the first recipient of the first beating of the new programme, for this wonderful ignorance of the basics of human nature. There exists a demand for fast, powerful, fun cars and it is then followed by a supply of such cars. The supply does not predate the demand – the only examples which appeared without a specific demand that I can think of are the Veyron and all the fucking daft exo-friendly cars like the Lupo that then dies because of lack of demand.

But the good MEP has clearly seen that the people still want nice cars, and won’t be dissuaded from them. Which is why he’s trying to make it illegal to sell them, working on the basis that the demand will dry up if the supply does. This is not how it works. The demand will still be there, and it will be met. Probably by modification of existing cars, which is much worse for the environment. Because a 19 year old in a garage in Oldham can’t really spend the same amount on greenery that BMW can…

So, for this particular exercise in stupidity and unintended consequences, Mr Chris Davies is now admitted to the Order of the Badly Bruised. All those wishing to participate in inducting Mr Davies to the Order should form an orderly queue…

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