Again with the foreboding music

Tonight’s Sopranos was also a goodie. And again it ended with an innocent, and quite cheerful, piece of music that managed to foreshadow the gallons of spilt blood that seem to be hurtling over the horizon.

Oh good. I do love it when the Sopranos get all bloody.

My big question is this, though: the eggs, were they a sign of the killing that happened before, the killing that happens in that episode, or more killings in the future? Or are the producers just fucking about because they know there’s only six episodes to go?

3 thoughts on “Again with the foreboding music

  1. I dunno, I’m thinking it’s more likely he’ll be doing the whacking. Unless it all ends up in a nice Resevoir Dogs SHTF senario.

    Which I’m not betting against.

  2. Only one to go for me. Hurry the fuck up and download it.. I am dying here.

    That episode was excellent. But I did feel sorry for Paulie in the hotel when he was laughing on his own at the tv show. I really did think Paulie was gonna get it. Boy I love that show… Me loves it, me loves it, me loves it.

    As for the eggs.. I cannot comment. Just hurry the fuck up :)

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