Nice place to visit, shame about the laws…

Those crazy Americans. Sure, they may have the most money, and the bestest military, and a whack more freedom than most, and a lot of other cool things. But they also have some of the stupidest laws I’ve ever heard of.

For a start, there’s the bonkers tendency to prohibition, with people going to jail for a couple of years for giving some teenagers a drink, in her own house, under careful supervision. Not to mention the way that there are whole counties where it is illegal to sell drink at all.

And then they go and make laws about what trousers should be like. Yes, in a small town in Louisiana is about to make it illegal to wear low-riding trousers. Meaning that ‘not wearing a belt’ could land you in jail.

Bonkers. Behaviour like that is why democracy isn’t really that good a system of government. Just better than all the others that have been tried.

One thought on “Nice place to visit, shame about the laws…

  1. So… come they are so free then?
    Seeing as you are pointing out some truly doolally pieces of legislation.
    It al lsounds a bit footloose to me.

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