You gotta love family …

… because if you don’t, you’re breaking the law. Nothing states that you have to like them, however.

Which is what went through my mind on the walk home from buying my darling little sister a spot of lunch, when she came out with this wonderfully helpful statement. At high volume. On a fairly major road.

Eeeeeewwww! Grey hair!

Marvellous. And thank you, dear sibling, for breaking the news in such a thoughtful way…

6 thoughts on “You gotta love family …

  1. Oh that’s nothing. One of mine (probably Ganching) told Matty I was getting a hump on me. Matty ‘can’t remember’ which one it was.

  2. If I had a brother I would tell him he smelt like pooh. But as I have 2 sisters I tell them they smell like flowers.

  3. I have three sisters and tell them that they’re not exactly fragrant… But at least I’m not accusing them of smelling like a cartoon character :p

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