Yup. And what of it?

Some researchers have noticed that which we all kinda knew: nigh on everybody breaks the law.

Said researchers would seem to be less than impressed with the situation; they claim that it’s a sign of widespread ‘anti-civic behaviour’, which sounds like the non-physical side of anti-social behaviour. And they say that that’s a bad thing.


I’d say that’s it actually down to having too many damn rules in the first place. With the body of legislation that we all have to live under, it’s a wonder that getting out of bed isn’t illegal, let alone half the things that can be done once you get out.

This study doesn’t show anything like society breaking down because people aren’t keen on obeying the rules; if anything it shows that society is just about keeping going despite those rules. And the really sad thing is that, armed with studies like this, government (any government, from any party) will inevitably respond with more rules, more red tape and stricter enforcement of existing rules. Resulting in more people having to break the rules just to get by.

Or, and this would only be my suggestion of course, they could loosen their grip, and see what happens when the pressure is relieved. I think we’d all be surprised by the response.

2 thoughts on “Yup. And what of it?

  1. That society hasn’t collapsed despite wide-spread rule breaking would seem to suggest the rules are rather pointless and are not serving a useful purpose.

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