His continued employment scares me

Now, saw you’re a judge. You’re an important man; you have to look the part. So you’ll have a few quite expensive suits to wear when it’s required to look impressive.

So far, so good.

Now, say you go and get these fancy threads dry-cleaned. And somewhere along the line a mistake is made; a pair of trousers goes missing. What would you do?

I would have answered along these lines:

Well, I’m a judge, and therefore it should be safe to assume I have some living grey matter between my ears. So I’ll go to the dry cleaning place, have a chat with them and reach an equitable settlement, one where I either get my trousers back, or sufficient cash to replace them.

This is clearly not the right answer. The right answer is to take them to court. And ask for $54,000,000.

Thankfully, you then fail in your case. But you’re still drawing a salary from the same legal system that you tried so hard to screw.

Which is a tad worrysome, methinks.

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