That had me worried

The latest set of ads for the C4 are emphasising the low CO2 emissions of it, and therefore how good it is for the environment.

Don’t worry, though, for I’ve checked it out. It doesn’t apply to the particular model I bought, which is much more harmful to Gaia. And all the better for it.

Now, onto the name game; given long, careful consideration, I’ve thrown out all the earlier suggestions. And I’m looking at Abby instead. Not after the Abby of West Wing fame (that Milla was almost named after); no, an entirely different – and much hotter – Abby.

© CBS, I assume

Obviously, I’ll have to see if the name fits right over a few weeks, but I think it’ll do…

2 thoughts on “That had me worried

  1. What happens when you get tired of Abby and want a younger model, are you the cruel sort that’ll advertise her, showing degrading photographs of her to the world. Will you let other people touch her and find out just exactly she’s been up to when you had her? If you keep her until ‘death do you part’ where will her final resting place be?

  2. I’ll do the same as I did with Milla: pass it on to someone I know and arrange visitation rights.

    Then have my heart broken as I find out the new driver has defaced her with cuddly toys hanging from the windows. Shameful.

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