No potential for abuse. Honest.

How would you like it if someone could take money from your bank account, without permission and at a time of their choosing.

Yup, you’ve feel like some fucker had stolen from you, and with good reason. Because they would have stolen from you.

Now, there do exist ways in which such things can happen; bailiffs can be appointed by a court, or to enforce a contract that you’ve entered into. Or government agencies can, after getting permission from a court, take your money without your permission. Which is bad enough, but not enough to keep them happy. Because now the Revenoo folk want to get rid of that nasty and not-at-all-convenient (for the Revenoo) ‘court’ stage.

So, for the eighteenth time this week: Bastards. Thieving bastards.

Once more, from Samizdata:
Dick Turpin was hanged for helping himself to people’s money – [Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs] wants it to be legal

4 thoughts on “No potential for abuse. Honest.

  1. All the news that I hear goes through my Edfilter. i.e.

    Boris Johnson for Lord Mayor of London – Ed’ll like that
    Taxman to grab dosh from bank accounts – Ed’ll be ripping
    Chantelle & Preston to divorce – Ed’ll say, “Who they?”

  2. Who is this Chantelle and what does she have against the northern city in question?

    And do you think that this ‘Edfilter’ is a marketable skill? Because I’m hardly adverse to gaining funds through such means…

  3. What does Chantelle have against Preston? She thought it was dull and not much interested in nightlife. I’d imagine that this was true.

    And…not being funny or anyfink, I’d say that the Edfilter is as likely to make money as any of the crack-brained schemes that Ganching comes up with.

  4. Maybe my brain isn’t working right, but I take from your statement that Ganching is dealing crack. Which doesn’t fit in with my image of her at all. But then, what better cover could there be?

    And here is the EdFilter news:
    Gordon Brown is a tax cheat. One rule for thee, and one for me.
    Ed sez: We’ve always known Brown was a thieving bastard, now we find out he’s happily taking advantage of the same loopholes he chastises others for using.

    Terror plot continues; Belfast link discovered.
    Ed sez: How did that fella spend an education in Belfast and still not manage a simple car bomb? Jaysys, what do they teach in schools these days?

    Live Earth kicks off.
    Ed sez: Just imagine how much damage is being done to Gaia by the CO2 emissions of all that holier-than-thou bullshit. You could power Belfast for a year, or alternatively Al Gore’s house for fifteen minutes…

    Preston and Chantelle something something.
    Ed sez: Who the fuck, what the fuck and why the fuck should I care?

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