The ticking of the right boxes

You know, I do like to diss the BBC; its bias is legendary, its funding is shocking both in size and method, and generally it gets on my tits.

But then, it does produce a few dozen hours of worthwhile TV in a year. A dozen or so of Top Gear, the same of Coast, occasional gems like Life on Mars. And sometimes, little nuggets of enjoyment like Paris.

This is the sort of show I could either love or hate. Possibly hate, because it’s by an art historian (bleugh!) and about the French. And possibly love because it’s full of historical trivia, and the art historian is quite hawt…

© BBC and the Open University

At the minute, I’m leaning more towards the ‘love’ side; partly because Mlle Voillet is really very good as a presenter (and hawt), partly because the programme isn’t above taking the occasional swipe at its subjects, and mostly because the amount of interesting trivia is vast.

History geekery, French bashing and hawtness all in one show? No wonder I’m liking it…

2 thoughts on “The ticking of the right boxes

  1. No, it’s about the rather funky buildings and the various occasions where the French attempted genocide against their bitterest enemies. I.e., the French.

    Oh, and plenty of passing mentioned of the depraved behaviour that we’ve come to expect from Parisians.

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