An open letter

Dear BBC,

You’re really pissing me off with this Live Earth bullshit. Where is this vaunted neutrality of which you’re so proud? You know, the veil you put over your lefty, big-government views, pretending to care about other opinions? Because they’re sure as hell not being over-used today.

UTV is covering the British Grand Prix at the minute, which means that there are commercial breaks. And during some of these I’ve flicked through the channels a bit. And on passing through BBC2, here’s what I’ve seen:

  • Graham Norton, on a massive salary paid (involuntarily) for by the British viewing public, preaching and talking about getting drunk. Yay for the drunkenness, at least.
  • Edith Bowman, on a rather large salary paid (involuntarily) for by the British viewing public, preaching. Another reason for her to be on the list.
  • Jonathan Ross, on a stupidly large salary paid (involuntarily) for by the British viewing public, preaching and simpering with a number of celebs. Speaking of which…
  • Jimmy Carr. Preaching and being unfunnyily serious. Again.
  • A number of bands trying to steal Chris Martin’s crown as most annoyingly preachy artist.

Things that I’ve seen that are at all entertaining: zero.

Minutes spent watching: about two.

Number of times I’ve almost thrown the remote at the TV in disgust: around a dozen.

This is in no way value for money or in the public interest.

So, BBC, win’ yer neck in and put something better on. Anything better on. Hell, I’d much rather watch Big Brother than this; at least BB doesn’t pretend to be better than anything…

Yours fucked-off-edly,

E Hillan

4 thoughts on “An open letter

  1. Best thing on were Spinal Tap. The ferkin’ bbc cut their last song ( they were only playing 3 ). License fee? TV Tax more like. Scumbags. Cutting short the only thing I wanted to see.

    At least the message Spinal Tap put forward about how to reduce carbon emissions was to the point “Don’t exhale”.

    Made me laugh.

    Maybe that is why the last song wasn’t televised fully. Punishment for taking the piss out of the proceedings.

  2. I have succeeded in going the entire weekend without having my life infected with this Live Earth crap. That I had to go in to work both yesterday and today probably helped, but at least when I get time off in lieu, it will be sanctimonious-concert-free.

  3. MFG: well, if they’re treating it with the respect it deserves, then maybe I need to revise my opinion

    Chez: I’d be much more annoyed at that if this wasn’t a three day week for me…

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