Less ego massaging

You know, I lament the rise of the RSS feed and the use of blog aggregators. I know I use them, and I can see that a few of my regular readers use them, but the rise of Bloglines and Google Reader aren’t pleasing to me.

Yes, it’s much handier to have a single point of reference for the few dozen blogs that I like to read, without clicking my way through all of them; yes, it’s neater and yes, it does mean that the price of being bloody stupid is reduced. But there are two main things that displease me about them.

  1. I find myself commenting less. Probably because I don’t visit other sites as much, meaning that the comments that others write don’t inspire me to vomit words onto other people’s property.
  2. My stats are taking a serious beating…
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    Yes, I know it’s petty and vain, but I don’t care. The linky love is a good thing.

So I mourn the rise of Google Reader. At the same time as using it myself. I point out the hypocrisy, so you don’t have to.

4 thoughts on “Less ego massaging

  1. Oh how I agree. My own stats have dropped dramatically since Google Reader became ubiquitous. I picked this up over there but see! I dropped over here for a comment anyway.

    Another sadness is, that using GR, readers miss out on the carefully designed and lovingly created web pages that bloggers have. And the comments.

    Although, sometimes, that is a good thing.

  2. As for your last, with that I agree. Some sites are truly woeful to try and read, what with the javascript all over the show and small text.

    And as for missing the comments, I got my first properly abusive one in ages recently. These are the things you miss out on through aggregators.

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