Things that should come with a health warning

Scene: an office. A phone rings, and is answered.

Protagonist: Hello? … Yeah, right outside … Where? … Thanks.

The protagonist hangs up, reaches for some keys, and moves quickly to the window.

P: Shit.

Exterior shot: Panning down to ground level, accompanied by the sound of someone descending stairs rapidly. A door opens in the same building. Protagonist exits, to find two rather large policemen looking very closely at a car, while another two sit in large 4x4s nearby. Ominously, two more are busy handing a wee girl a ticket in the next car down the road.

P: Is there a problem with this car?

Young copper: Is it yours?

P: Yes. What’s the problem with it?

YC: Nothin’, just admiring it. Didn’t know it came in a + model. What’s the difference, inclusive CD player?

P: Something like that. So, what’s happening here? You giving out tickets? ‘cos it’s not a clearway yet.

YC: Nah, we don’t do anything like that any more. Take care.

Bloody hell. Nothing scares a lot of people more than unexpected police attention. Well, that’s the way it is for me, at any rate.

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