A change is as good as a rest

But the rest need caught up on later anyway.

So I had a nice day or two away.

  • Day 1: Spend a little too much time in Heathrow waiting for a connecting flight. Discover that the guest beer in Heathrow Wetherspoons is rather nice (Pure Blond, IIRC). Meet up with people, talk shit, fly to an island that insists it isn’t French but still has all the road names in French. Strange. Eat pizza, talk shite, sleep.
  • Day 2: Attend some birthday celebrations, which largely involve sitting on a beautiful boat, occasional swimming, paparazzi intrusion, and a beverage or two in the evening. Double plus good, although the appearance of the Whitest Man In The World did scare off all the locals. And most of the fish as well.
  • Day 3: Brief tour of island, including lots of WW2 stuff, lots of random buildings, an occasional beverage and some walking along of beach. I like.
  • Day 4: Somewhat more serious touristy stuff was to be had at Jersey War Tunnels, which was a very well done exhibit of life in Jersey before and during the occupation by ze Jermans. Highly recommended. More beverages, and several unfortunate discussions about some of the members of the touring party having the Massive Horn for the Jason Bourne Porn. Don’t ask.
  • Day 5: More relaxed touring, with less drive behind it. There was a game of crazy golf, which was won unexpectedly by yours truly. Hoo-ray. Followed by clearing out what remained of the drink and falling over laughing at Eddie Izzard. As you do.
  • Day 6: Up at stupid o’clock for to get the plane home, while the rest of the party stayed in bed because they didn’t have to worry about connecting flights. Boo hiss.

All in, a very worthwhile expedition. More of that pls k tnx.

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