Something strange is ongoing

On the very day that CyberScribe gracefully retired from Facebook, I was getting involved with the ‘Compare People’ application. And the results of it are thoroughly confusing to me. Not for the other people; I’m perfectly happy to concede that StrayTaoist has a well deserved reputation for musical taste, or that Manuel Estimulo is in demand when it comes to being handcuffed, or that Gan Ching has the cool, or indeed that Nelly is unanimously declared to be a better laugh.

No, what I have problems with is my rankings…

Where Do I Fit
Here is where you stand relative to your friends, based on votes we gathered from them.

1st more trustworthy
Yes, my pretties, please to be believing this. Because then I can clean out your bank accounts and retire in luxury. Oh yeah.
1st more likely to win in a fight
Depends on what kind of fight, and just how outclassed in weaponry the opponent would be
1st more tech-savvy
I used to think this. Then I went to uni and was totally outed as lacking in tech-savvy
1st braver
Hah. Haha. Hahaha. So much wrong, so little time to extract the michael from it.
2nd more athletic
I actually hold a certificate as the least athletic person in the history of western civilization. So this too is a little wrong.
2nd a better sense of humor
Yes, provided that you still find poo jokes funny.
2nd better public speaker
I have no idea where this one came from, given my tendency to choke, cough, stutter and generally make a tit out of myself.
3rd rather hang out with for a day
I could get involved with this one, although I don’t know where anyone else got the idea from.
3rd nicer
This bothers me greatly, because nice is of course one of the worst things to be described as. Nice finishes last.
4th more confident
Wrong, wrong and thrice, wrong.
4th happier person
Ooh, one i could agree with. Hoo-rah.
4th rather get stuck in handcuffs with
I can only assume that this opinion was put forth by someone with an eye towards my eventual arrest. Boo hiss to that.
4th more likely to do a favor for me
Oh hell no. It’s all about the self interest…

Clearly, more effort needs to be going into this, for far too many mistakes have been made at this early stage of the comparing game…

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