Nurse! He’s out of bed again!

Newsflash: George Galloway, now with 83% added mentalness.

George Galloway, the Respect MP best known for impersonating a cat on Celebrity Big Brother, has announced his intention to introduce a Bill making it compulsory to muzzle all dogs in public. “Every cat in the world will thank me,” he says, presumably under the misapprehension that felines can talk.

Oh dear.

First it became illegal to carry a gun in public, then it basically became illegal to own a gun.

Then it became illegal to carry a knife in public, and it’ll probably soon be illegal to own any knife sharper than a League 1 footballer.

And now Gorgeous George is trying to make the showing of doggie teeth illegal in public. Which is, quite frankly, madness. Because there are only two things preventing feline domination of this world: the fact that they can’t open tins of cat food and the brave dogs that stand between us and them.

Clearly George wasn’t merely doing a cat impression on CBB; he was showing us his allegiance in the great war to come: when it comes down to it, George isn’t with us. He’s with the damn cats.

2 thoughts on “Nurse! He’s out of bed again!

  1. As the owner of both dogs and cat I have to say i disagree with George. Cats do far more harm than dogs. Ask any robin or hedge sparrow. Ask Little Orphan Andy…except he seems to have disappeared.

  2. I would concur with that. In my (limited) experience, dogs prefer the chase much more than cats, who seem to be all about the kill. And then presenting the mulched remains proudly to their human slaves.

    Look ma, I done killed this bunny all by myselves! But I don’t want to eat it, so get with the Whiskas, pronto.

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