Notice to an un-named Jerseyman

You know how it is; some underling makes a silly slip and before you know it an entire organisation is tripping over itself, unsure of whether to back up their staff or make a sensible decision.

Which is what I think happened in this case:

A man spotted wearing a T-shirt bearing an “offensive” slogan in a city centre has been warned he risks an £80 fine if he is caught again.

Forklift driver David Pratt was told by street wardens in Peterborough he could cause offence or incite violence.

The slogan on the garment read: “Don’t piss me off! I am running out of places to hide the bodies.”

“In what was an amicable conversation, the street warden advised the gentleman concerned that his T-shirt could cause offence and if he was to wear it again he could run the risk of being issued an £80 on-the-spot fine from the police.”

In other words, a petty minded street warden took offence, and nobody within the entirety of Peterborough City Council has had the balls to stop the bureaucratic ball rolling towards its inevitable fucked up conclusion.

Off on a tangent for a moment: I find it highly unlikely that threatening someone with a fine unless they change their clothes counts as an ‘amicable conversation’ in any jurisdiction. Don’t think it’s going unnoticed, City Council types.

The precedent that could be set by this is damn scary; no more You don’t have to be mad to work here signs; no more Trespassers will be shot signs; no more bumper stickers; and an entirely new wardrobe for a certain fella from the Channel Isles who specialises in sloganised t-shirts.

In other words, massive infringement of freedom of speech. All because some little twit decided he didn’t like the joke…

And you wonder why people worry about the direction this land is taking… Even Mary Whitehouse wasn’t that picky fer cryin’ out loud.

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