I may well have a new hero

It is a common belief that anyone writing a blog must automatically want to be a writer; sure, they’re only doing the blogging thing to hone their skills, to try and get noticed by a real publisher, to have an opportunity to get feedback.

This would be pushing it, to say the least. While some of the finer blogs out there have gone some of the way towards getting their authors book deals, there are also a huge number of very, very gifted writers out who are still on their blogs because they’re not getting book deals. And there are a not insignificant number of people who are fully aware that they are not skilled at the writing, and that it’s really not the life for them.

Guess which of those categories I would put myself into?

Here’s another thing for you to muse over, though. It is also common knowledge that family will often over look such things as lack of aptitude and drive, and will encourage a person in whatever way they feel like it.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Yes, one of the daft siblings1 has, on random occasions, suggested that I should attempt putting pen to paper and seeing what people make of it.

I’ll be honest, this was never really an idea of mine, and it’s not something that I think very likely. But as unlikely as it ever was, it is much more so now, since I’ve found someone who reminds me scarily of how I’d like to have written, but with much more talent and humour thrown in.

I’m assuming that the majority of my readers would be aware of Red Dwarf, and the entity that gave birth to it: Grant Naylor. I assure you, I’ve long been aware of it, and of them. The books are well read, and have been in a sorry state of repair for over a decade due to constant use. The Grant Naylor books rate as two of my favourite publications of all time, but I was less impressed with the separate Grant and Naylor efforts, and thusly didn’t follow their separate careers too closely.

mea culpa

Recently, I’ve been pointed in the direction of the more modern output of Mr Rob Grant, to whit, Incompetence and Fat. And rarely have I found myself nodding in agreement as much, while simultaneously laughing as hard at the goings on.

A small selection of the things that are swiped at in the two books, whether directly or not:

  1. The EU
  2. The various countries of the EU
  3. Government in general
  4. Politicians in particular
  5. Red tape
  6. Invasive government interference in private affairs
  7. PR / spin
  8. The NHS
  9. Health & Safety
  10. Gyms
  11. Popular opinion
  12. Bad science
  13. Health Nazis
  14. Numbers 7 & 12 directly affecting 11 and being the foundation for numbers 5 & 6 being imposed by 1, 3 & 13

Hell, all of these are things that I’ve been railing against since this blog started. But each and every one of them is allocated a kicking in such a way that it tells the story well. I heartily recommend both books.

There is nothing conventional about wisdom.
There is nothing common about sense.
Rob Grant, Fat, 2006

So, sister dear, even if I wanted to do a spot of real writing, it would be pointless. There is someone out there who is doing a much better job of being me than I ever could…

1 – Yes, I know they’re smarter than me, but smarts and sense don’t necessarily go hand in hand…

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