Check the skies for horsemen, four of them

I fear that the end times are nigh; there must be a strange alignment of planets and/or ley-lines, because something I never though would happen has come to pass.

I find myself in agreement not only with politicians, but with the big trade unions. And I feel dirty because of it.

Gordon Brown has rejected calls from two trade unions for the government to hold a referendum on the new EU treaty.

The GMB and RMT had joined the Tories and UKIP in demanding a vote by tabling motions at the TUC’s annual conference.

See, what’s happened here is that the unintelligible, bastardish and power grabbing EU constitution has been replaced by a treaty no less power grabbing, just as bastardish and a little bit more unintelligible. But because it’s a treaty, not a constitution, Brown has decided that he’s not bound by the previous administration’s promise to put the changes to a referendum.

Because he’s a cock like that.

Naturally, I can justify the aforementioned unwelcome agreement by saying that my reasons for disliking the Brown policy and that of the unions are very different: I fear for the power being handed from London to Brussels, while they seem to fear the power not being handed over.

The GMB union said it was concerned the UK’s opt-out from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights was being retained in the transition from the constitution to the treaty.

“Let’s stop being shy about the fact that, in recent years, the achievements in terms of developing a social Europe seem to have dried up and that doesn’t satisfy our members.”

Gah, they’re worried because not enough continental style social policies are being carried over. Said continental style social policies also going by the nickname ‘final nail in the competitive economy that feeds the nation’.

So, very different reasons, but the same aim. I still feel mighty dirty about it…

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