What she said

I mentioned the other day that there is at least one person out there who writes what I’d like to write, but much, much better.

It would appear that there are at least two such persons.

Following the recent news that shitloads of people are leaving the UK, I had a few thoughts as to what I would write about this non-news news. I could have mentioned the obvious one: the weather in this land is not the best. And then I would probably have gotten on my soapbox and waxed lyrical about the ever growing state; the expanding role of nanny; the increase in taxation; the all-seeing electronic eyes that are now at epidemic levels.

In short, it would have been a messy full length rant, of the sort that appears on these pages at least once a fortnight.

I’m glad I didn’t write that, because someone else did it much better. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Misty. Go on, have a read. Have a learn. If I could write, that’s what I would have written. Except for the bit about the NHS (because I’ve a whole different set of bitches about that particular organisation), or the rail (because I’ve no experience, NIR being what it is) or the food thing because I haven’t noticed.

So apart from a few minor differences, that’s what I’d like to have written.

Note to self: learn how to write properly.

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